Asako is a very professional and interactive teacher of RPM (Rapid Prompt Method).  Asako has brought the best out of my 5 year old non-verbal son and showed us how much he knew already in spite of his stimmings and what would many call “lack of care”. Asako showed us how smart my little boy is.  She even included math in her lessons and Mark could respond properly. He is always looking forward to go to see Asako.  I have not met anybody else more efficient than her in terms of academics learning for my son.  I have been doing ABA and then Son-Rise therapies for 3+ years without even 10% of her success with Mark. Asako gives us hope to keep working for a brighter future for Mark.  He is much more confident now that he can communicate better. Within 3 months, Mark showed me he knows every single letter of the alphabet.  He would probably be doing coloring at school only at this point if I send him to school.  I prefer to continue RPM while homeschooling and Asako is his certified RPM teacher that Mark has once a week.  Thank you Asako for all you are doing for our kids.
Marilyn – Verona, NJ


My son, Michael is a 9 years old boy with Autism.  He is limited verbal and had behavior issues.  We started RPM lessons with Asako in January 2016 when Michael was 7.5 yo.  During the first few months, it was very difficult for him to sit for the RPM lessons.  He refused to stay in one place.  He kept on running around, crawling on the floor and sometimes threw a tantrum.  He was also aggressive and attacked Asako a few times.  I was afraid that Asako would quit on him due to his noncompliance and bad behavior.
However, Asako was persistent with Michael.  When Michael was on the floor, she would go down to the floor with him while teaching the lesson.  When Michael got upset and started a tantrum, she stayed calm and ignored his behavior.  There were times that Michael was not able to stay in the classroom.  He was very upset, crying and kicking.  When I told her that Michael usually calms down during a car ride,  she went into the car with Michael and taught him a lesson there.  I am impressed with Asako’s perseverance and her passion to work with our children.  For the first few months, the progress was slow due to Michael’s noncompliance and challenging behaviors.  However, Asako never gave up on Michael.  She encouraged me to believe in Michael and reassured me that Michael was smart and had lots of potentials.  It is important to persist through challenging behaviors, focus on teaching the child, respect the time it takes him to learn new skills, respect him but also have high expectations for him.
As of January 2018, Asako has been teaching Micheal for 2 years.  Michael is now fluent on the 26 letter stencil.  He is currently at the 4th grade level on language arts, social study, science and math.  He is now able to sit though a 45min  lesson, answer open-ended questions and write a story using stencils.  He has come a long way and I am impressed with the progress Michael has made in the past two years.  I had doubts in the very beginning if RPM would ever work for my son.  Now I am a firm believer in RPM.  I can not thank Asako enough for what she has done for Michael in the past two years.  Although Michael still have ups and downs in the journey with RPM, as Asako said, persistence through challenges is the key to the success.
Thank you, Asako
Helen – Nanuet, NY
I found out about RPM through a friend back in April 2015.  I researched RPM and found Asako on a Facebook support group the following Fall.  From the first time I met Asako, I knew that this would in deed help my daughter connect and communicate with her family and eventually the world around her.  The following year we started a journey that has profoundly impacted and changed Samantha’s world and ours.  Asako’s creativity, understanding, passion and patience is what keeps us driving 4 plus hours round trip for my daughter’s sessions.  This journey of RPM is not a sprint by any means but it has become a passionate marathon training that I am so extremely blessed and grateful that Asako is our coach!
Kris – NJ

Asako is a wonderful person and teacher.  My daughter with autism enjoys music a lot and Asako has helped a great deal in channelizing that interest.  She understands children with different needs and plans her lessons to suit their ways of learning.  Her lessons are based on not just enjoying music (although that is a big part) but also on building up the motor skills needed to play music, to gradually lead to the child to independent playing.  My daughter has learnt proper use of fingers on the piano and we have seen a rise in her general level of happiness and self confidence.

Pooja Srivastava – Ridgewood, NJ

Since my autistic son Eddie has been taking music lessons from Asako, my wife and I have noticed a remarkable increase in his ability to concentrate and focus, and also see an improvement in his dexterity and coordination.  Most importantly, he has learned to read and perform music, something he may never have been able to do without her guidance and patience.

Glen Kowalczyk – NJ

Asako was a gift to my mom, Mari who passed away last year from Early onset Alzheimer’s.  I hired Asako to work with my mom for the last year and a half of her life.  Each week she brought her keyboard and other instruments to play.  Though my mom couldn’t speak well enough to express herself, Asako found out her favorite music, and got her to sing and dance.  Her voice is beautiful and soothing.  One of my favorite parts of working with Asako is that each week she sent me a long, and very detailed email about how the session went.  She often sent me recordings of the work she did with my mom.  I was always blown away to read and hear what she had accomplished.   It comforted me.  Askao was not just a music therapist, but she became a really advocate for my mom.  She always kept an eye out for how she was being treated in the group home where she lived to make sure her quality of life was the highest possible.  The days Asako visited, I was at ease, knowing my mom was in great hands.  It would be my pleasure to talk more about Asako’s work, feel free to ask her for my information and reach out.

Alexis – Brooklyn, NY